Banner Display Stands “A Creative way of Marketing”

2710a1bd41e4350d907473d91b144b75    Banner display stands are an effective source of marketing. As they have visual effects which attract the people to read them. The logos and photos printed on them gives the onlooker a pleasant effect. People always impresses by the design and conveying message style of Banner Display Stands.

Display Banner Stands are striking and noticeable. They are a lightweight, easy and cost-effective way of advertisement. Their assembling is easy and is free to transport between different places. Display Banner Stands are a versatile way of advertisement for any event. Their ease and mobility make them perfect for many applications like trade shows, special events, and lobbies etc.

Exhibitors usually communicate key selling points of a certain thing with display banner stands. They also highlight the contact information of exhibitor. Display Banner Stands uses the minimal space and conveys a huge message.

In hot and fast cities like NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY, where life is too fast and people is busy with their loaded routine, there the Banner Display Stands to help a lot the exhibitor to express his will in a small and effective way.

These display banner stands to help a lot in upcoming events in NEW YORK like on January22-24, 2017 Vanguards Gallery, January23-25 2017 Texworld USA and American International Toy Fair which is going to be conducted on February 18-24,2017. And in New Jersey on January 25-27,2017 Jersey Shore Home Show, April 29, 2017 Barclay’s Jersy Boat Show and April 28-30,2017 GT Sports Marketing New Jersey. On all these occasions the most essential instrument to attract public is Display Banner Stands.

Banner Display Stands uses two type of material to be printed on; The fabric and The Vinyl Material. The Fabric is durable and long lasting as they don’t wrinkle and tear during transporting. But Vinyl is shiny stuff and reflects light which is suitable for almost all conditions and best for lighting conditions.

There are various types of  Display Banner stands which vary according to their size and structures:blade-lite-banner-stand-expanded

  • Retractable Banner Stand:

    They are also referred as ‘roll-up banner stands”. They are easy to assemble and transport. There are two models present in retractable banner stands:

A: 34”*88” model, the price is around $200-$300.

B: 48”*81” model, the price is around $ 500-$600.




  • Telescopic Banner Stands:
    These banner stands are having a pole which helps in adjusting the height of the displaying banner and some of the stands are having the width adjustment structure, too. Telescopic banner Stands costs around $200-$300 of 42”*118” height.




  • X-Shaped Banner Stands:


As the name implies, it’s structure is x-shaped having four arms which hold the banner from all four sides. 2feet*5feet tall which costs around $125.

  • Outdoor Banner Stands:

    These type of banner stands are made specifically for the outdoor events which are weighted from the base. These are made to place on the roadsides or any other outside place. Some of these stands are hollow which afterward are filled with stands or soil so that they cannot be move with the wind.


L-Shaped Banner Display Stands, Digital Banner Stands, Motorized Banner Stands, etc. are the other types of Display Banner Stands. But most effective among them is Retractable Banner Stand which is durable and long lasting and is cheap, too.

Banner Display Stands are the new way of attracting general public and unique way to attract the nearby persons, the design and look forces him to read the whole advertisement.

These stands are a really effective way of marketing and advertisement.


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